Keep track of your cryptocurrencies directly from your Mac's Notification Center or Menu Bar


Thousands of cryptocurrencies to add into your portfolio.


Keep track of your portfolio's gains and losses.

Price Notifications Alert

Each cryptocurrency can have unlimited alerts that pops up on screen when the price crosses a certain threshold


Pie Chart with your portfolio's allocation

Track Pending Transactions.

Get an alert when your transaction gets a new confirmation.

Convert and calculate

Convert and calculate hundreds of cryptocurrencies to any other cryptocurrency or a custom fiat currency.

Multiple Formats

You can see your portfolio's gains and losses and market value converted to a cryptocurrency or custom fiat currency

Monitor your profit

See your profit in the last 24 hours.

Access any price changes in the last 24 hours.

Check price changes in the last 24 hours in any format.

Easy to use


  • Coins from coinmarketcap
  • Convert values between cryptocurrencies or fiat currency
  • Track Unconfirmed Transactions
  • Overview Chart
  • Cryptocurrency Calculator
  • iCloud Sync to share the portfolio with all your computers
  • Easy to use


  • How to use
  • Sorry guys SuperCrypta will hibernate for a while. CoinMarketCap is a paid service now. I can't pay for it. So I will try to migrate to another API. Keep Hodling.


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